The Sunshine, #7-2 Apr/May 2016

The Worry Song

“Well, I worry about big business and if they tell the truth
I worry about the Commies undermining all our youth
I worry about Afghanistan, I worry about the poles
And if they drop the big one, will we all live in holes?”

One of the most brilliant musical artists/lyricists of our time is Joe Walsh, of the world famous band, The Eagles. He also has a well established solo career that has propelled him to the great list. One of his most humorous and relatable songs is ‘The Worry Song’, in which he sings, tongue in cheek, about all of the things he is worried about in the world. And we mean ALL. It appears he is worried about everything, even worried about worrying! Are you worried? Why are you worried? Are you worried that you worry too much too? Many people look at worrying as a ‘flaw’. It is important to first recognize that it’s not a flaw, it’s a state of mind, and it can be overcome. In fact it MUST be overcome. Because for every action there is a result. For every thought is the precursor to creation. It’s the law of the universe, the law of attraction, you get what you give, you create what you focus on. We highly suggest looking deeper into the ‘Law of Attraction’ and try to integrate that mindset into your life. [Here is a good place to start> [] You will be amazed at how well focusing on the positive and being grateful and satisfied works in manifesting/attracting even more positives into your life. As is written, Jesus tried to explain often, “We reap what we sow…” and “If you think it, you have already made it happen…”. He was referring to thinking sin and you’ve already sinned, but, the principle, or process, he is showing is that our thoughts make our reality happen. Job, also in writing, backs this up with real life testimony saying, “The thing that I worried the most about, came true…” So it is very important not to worry or you will just manifest that which you are worrying about. If we all are worried, what kind of world are we creating? If we all worry about the same thing, are we not creating it? Is this not exactly what the propaganda of the day wants us to do? Can we change the world for the better by eliminating worry and focusing on positive things? This all gives a new meaning to what another great musical artist once sang, “Don’t worry, be happy”. It’s not two actions, it’s one action, and the result. So don’t worry. Ever.

Welcome to the April/May edition of The Sunshine Express! We are glad you are here. We wish you a most excellent Spring and also want to invite you to our annual Miramonte Mother’s Day Fishing Derby on May 8 at Miramonte Lake south of Norwood. Stop by between 6a-3p and try your luck at winning $500 in cash or one of the many other prizes to be given away. All details are available on the website at:

Hope to see you there and happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful Moms. We love you all, keep smiling! – KingDaddy & Moonstruck


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