What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?


How has The Sunshine Express inspired you or touched your life? Send us your story and/or add your story to the comments below!

“Let me tell ya a funny story; I arrived at Colorow Care Center in Olathe for rehab after a mild stroke, and one day they delivered the papers. First day for me and it was the Montrose News, The Beacon, and The Sunshine Express.

So I read the news, glanced at the Beacon, made sense after all this is 90% elderly, 10% rehab. Glanced at the Sunshine Express, thought it was another publication geared to the elderly, so I put it on top of the others face up on my night stand, instead of the trash can for recycling.

Well a pretty 20 something CNA comes in my room, sees the Sunshine Express and says… “Do you read that?” While I sit there with my classic sleeveless Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ T-shirt. She said… “Ya should!”

So I picked it up, and dropped it on the floor, and it opened in half, and there was a full page advertisement for The Acme Healing Times and The Green Mile! Blew my mind! She said… “I told ya so!”

(She) Went on to tell me that when she was younger she had worked at Taco Time in Delta and every month this hippie lookin’ chic would come in and restock the paper rack, and always had an upbeat attitude and really cool to talk to.

I’ve clipped and found tremendous inspiration in an article in Treasuries From The Inbox, you might remember it? Very powerful for me at the time. I was learning how to walk again! It was about the mountain bike and never quit peddling with God riding along! That’s when I set my goal to ride my bike again. Check out my cover photo, that was Holloween 2015 at Colorow. I did it!

To this day I have the 2015 OCTOBER #6-9 edition! What a trip…huh? It was a bummer to hear you guys were going to (bi-monthly) but I thought, more of a good thing all at once! I like; The Horoscope, The Moon Dance and night time delights.

Keep up the killer work! Glad we crossed paths.” 😉

– Ted Stepanski


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