The Sunshine #7-5 Oct/Nov 2016

Peace Of Mind

“Make no mistake for your very own sake
Here’s a little word for now,
Take off your shoes and let your thoughts be kind
And have a little peace, just a little peace of mind
Peace, peace of mind, makes us feel better”

There are bands, and then there are musicians. Two of the greatest musicians to ever grace humanity are Jim Messina and Kenny Loggins, more widely known as Loggins and Messina. Accomplished musicians in their own right, when these two got together to make music it was pure magic. Brilliant works of musical art flowed from their efforts.
One such masterpiece is the song called ‘Peace of Mind’, written by Messina, sung by Loggins. It is found on their very first album, ‘Sittin’ In’, released in 1971. In this timeless song, a soothing, graceful melody fills the air and encompasses, as though transporting the listener to a field of melancholy, calmly reminding over and over in a soft chant like refrain, “peace… peace of mind. Give me some peace… peace of mind.”
The lyrics speak of troubled times and abandonment, even treachery by ‘friends’ in your life. And then it gives the suggested cure, “take off your shoes(the cares of today) and let your thoughts be kind, and have a little peace of mind. Peace, peace of mind, makes us feel better.”
So, as all things in life, we once again have a choice. We can choose to have peace in our minds. It is a gift that, like kindness, has a multiplier effect on our attitudes, our perspectives, and most of all on our relationships and loved ones’ lives, as well as all of those that we come into contact with each day. All while giving to ourselves the gift of peace of mind. By choosing to control our minds into a peaceful state. Helping others by helping ourselves. That is just way cool.
As the song says, “there ain’t no dues and you can leave your blues behind.” “So reach on out and take a hold of my hand and let me know that you’re ready to go, and have a little peace, just a little peace of mind.” Are you with me?


Welcome to the October/November 2016 edition of The Sunshine Express! We are so glad that you are here and we hope that you will enjoy this edition, one that is focused on peace of mind and comfort.
With the upcoming holiday season nearly upon us, we hope for all of those with current struggles or hardships to be able to find some peace of mind and we pray for positive resolution to your challenges and/or pain. For those under better circumstances we wish you continued happiness and joy through the holidays and beyond.
We know that you will find this edition useful in finding just the right fun events to help you celebrate your life and interact with friends, family and neighbors. There is much inside and much good news, so without further ado, head on inside and enjoy The Sunshine Express. Have a most excellent Halloween and Thanksgiving and keep on wearing those smiles.
We love you! – KingDaddy & Moonstruck

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