Positively Karen


Dream as if. . . .

I read… road signs, billboards, bumper stickers, the backs of cereal boxes as my grandchildren eat breakfast, books, magazines and tee shirt statements.

I read while lazily swinging in the porch swing, laying down or while draped across my favorite old drab olive green stuffed chair.

I read… the printed word.

That said, last Saturday night a tall lanky, older woman strolled into the bingo hall wearing a t-shirt with a printed statement on it that read “Dream as if you will live forever”. What an intensely profound statement.

Dream: a visionary idea, a mental picture, a goal, a desire, a purpose, hope, aspiration. A silver thread of life that binds us to the past yet motivates us to follow the long, long road of life that lies ahead, leading toward untold open doors and the fulfillment of dreams.

Looking through memories, I find some dreams dreamed, but left behind, as I grew in years. However, some were realized, accomplished, done – and I moved on. Always, it seemed, there was another dream on the horizon.

It has been a very long period of time since, at age ten, I announced to my siblings and parents at the dinner table that the great dream for my future was to work in the circus. It was with extreme excitement that I explained that I wanted my own game booth where I would give cupie(kewpie) dolls, embossed with silver glitter, as prizes to those who could break three balloons with three darts.

As I wound down, I was surprised at the reaction of
those around me. Siblings appeared as statues, their forks suspended. My parents, their eyebrows arched and extended into their hair line, stared at me as if I was some alien being dropped into their midst from outer space.

It was a lesson learned early in life. Not everyone appreciates the true value of a dream the same! And no, I did not join the carnival, but, I continue to think it would be great fun for a season.

Over sixty years has passed since that time at the dinner table. There has been a hope chest full of dreams dreamed. Dreams for children, homes, fast cars, particular jobs, the one and only forever soul mate (that one took a while), attending college and graduating while in my late 40’s, doing something that made a difference in the lives of others. I am not sure how many of my “dreams” were dreams and how many were actually goals.

Nevertheless, there is a lingering dream in my heart of hearts. Every once in a while I take it out and look at it. I find that there has been a considerable length of time since I have allowed myself to think about it. Not sure if at my age there is time enough for the dream to become a reality in my life.

“Dream as if you will live forever”. After much thought I have decided… there is time.

there is in this life
a golden chance for
every soul to follow
the silver thread of life
leading to enduring dreams. -k

pic1(Karen Schafer lives in Grand Junction and writes about life in Colorado)

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