The Sunshine #8-1 Feb/Mar 2017


Testify To Love

“From the mountains to the valleys,
From the rivers to the sea;
Every hand that reaches out,
Every hand that reaches out to offer peace;
Every simple act of mercy,
Every step to kingdom come;
All the hope in every heart will speak what love has done.”

February always puts me in the mood for love.
Maybe it is because of Valentine’s day. Maybe it is the thoughts of the encroaching Springtime, with all of it’s rebirth and promise, that stimulates a yearly blossoming within me. One thing is for sure, memories of the magnificent love my creator has shown me over the years come flooding back like clockwork.
Like a puzzle, all those memories knit together into a picture of my life. And, again like clockwork, a memory of a song, ‘Testify to Love’, begins to play in the background of my mind as I view the picture. The reason this particular song comes to mind is because it also is a vision of a puzzle coming together. The puzzle of the kingdom.
The lyrics above say it all. “Every hand that reaches out”, “every simple act of mercy”, every puzzle piece of love placed by every one of us is a step toward the kingdom. One day the puzzle will be finished. One day the picture will be clear.
On that day we will see the kingdom come and will know well and “speak what love has done.” – KD


Welcome to the February/March edition of The Sunshine Express! We are glad that you are here. Come on in, take your shoes off, get comfortable and enjoy all of the fine treats that we have gathered here for your enjoyment.
As usual, there is more good news all around than we can fit into these pages and we see more and more positive people manifesting even more every day. Good job people! We reap what we sow.
Now, before we run out of room here, we want to make sure and remind you to visit our blog at: often for breaking news and updates on events, like our upcoming Mother’s Day fishing derby, in the planning for May 14. You should see news on that soon and more activity there this year as increased efficiency efforts we’ve been making begin to pay off.
We hope that you have a very happy Valentine’s Day both receiving and spreading the love and wish for you a most excellent Spring ahead. Oh yes, speaking of springing ahead, we wanted to remind you to remember to set your clocks ahead an hour for daylight savings time on Sunday, March 12.
Keep smiling, we love you! – KingDaddy & Moonstruck

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