The Sunshine #8-3 Jun/Jul 2017

Dear Father

“Dear Father
We dream.
We dream, we dream,
while we may.
While we may”

With Father’s Day approaching, my thoughts start to focus on memories of dear old Dad. Since the vast majority of those memories involve my parents together, memories of Mom naturally join in the fun. My strongest memories are those where Dad or Mom fell into a pattern.

One of those patterns I remember are the times when Dad, always the good provider, would take off on a weekend day to do some side work. It was inevitable that shortly after he left, Mom would get out her favorite Neil Diamond records, crank up the volume on the old console record player and start cleaning, singing along with Neil while she worked.

Being a child, I often would still be asleep and would awaken to the music that resonated with booming glory, thanks to the high volume. Looking back, it was a fine and inspiring way to wake up on a Saturday morning.
Mom’s favorite album of Neil’s was by far ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’, which the song ‘Dear Father’ is from. It is a powerful song, spiritual and moving and at those volumes, it moved you almost literally!

I find myself singing it now, as the memories wash over me. “Dear Father, we dream” and give thanks for our earthly fathers who sacrifice so much for us. And I verily thank you, our heavenly Father, for giving me such a great Dad and Mom.

* * * * * * *

Welcome to the June/July edition of The Sunshine Express! I am glad that you are here. Come on in, take your shoes off, get comfortable and enjoy all of the fine treats that are gathered here for your enjoyment. Summer is upon us, the Solstice is June 21, a mere 3 weeks away.

Rafting is in high gear as the sun begins to warm up at the higher elevations melting the remaining heavy Winter snows. It was a decent Winter and there should be good water levels wherever you decide to go boating, fishing, swimming or just frolicking. Water sports and activities are the most popular choices of things to do among both locals and tourists alike. So enjoy, splash away!

There are some really good musicians and bands coming to western Colorado with quite a few top notch headliners already scheduled for June and July. Be sure to peruse the Happenings pages to find your favorite talent and details about the huge number of fun events and educational possibilities that so many wonderful people have put great effort into providing for us all.

A hearty thank you to all of you promoters and sponsors who, through much unrecognized effort, help to enrich our lives. Have a most excellent Summer and know that you are loved! – KingDaddy

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